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Taxes Hackses 101

One of my (many) pet peeves of the modern era is the evolution of the word "hack" from meaning what you do with a dull axe (OK), to then meaning trying to break into a computer (OK), to, now meaning any and every kind of "amazing" tip or trick or -- often -- just the way something is designed to be used (not OK). I came across this recently in a blog post about "ceiling fan hacks," which included the suggestion of adjusting the direction of the fan to blow up in winter and down in summer to save energy and money. Umm . . .  that's great, but that's not a "hack," it's just how ceiling fans work. So, I'm sorry (not sorry) to say it, but this post is not about hacking your taxes. There is no way to "hack" your taxes. You just have to do your taxes . . . sorry (not sorry). But 'tis the season, and there are some tried and true tips that I keep in mind to make the tax-reporting and paying process less painful: (more…)

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