Who Ate My Pie? January Spending Roundup

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The beauty of spending a month not leaving my house is that I am not tempted into buying things I don’t need . . . the flipside is I discover all sorts of things I never knew I needed.

  • Amazon — light bulbs for kitchen, special kind for can lights that won’t melt the fixtures (learned this one from experience, ha?) — 24.99
  • Rite Aid & Amazon Prime Now (as in RIGHT NOW — I scoffed, but so useful in an urgency) — surgery stuff — bandaids, gauze, ice packs, etc. — 78.49
  • Amazon — half a Pandemic board game, shared with Sweetie Pie — 13
  • Bartells — shampoo & makeup — 32.42
  • Shell — gas — 29.65
  • Aveda — more shampoo; after horrifying/itchifying skin rash from the last attempt, I’m giving up on the cheap stuff — 43.84
  • Wayfair — two small rugs and non-slip pads, following the heartbreaking observation that Cheddar Pup’s aging hips really can’t handle the slipperiness any exposed wood floors these days — 70.92

Total: $271.78

Who Ate My Pie? December Spending Roundup

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Lots to cover in this one:

  • $27.39 – TJ Maxx – a new handbag, after the number of holes in my old one finally became intolerable. I was hoping to wait and find a higher-quality, more “perfect” one, but alas. I used it up, wore it out, and made it do … until it didn’t.
  • $52.80 – Amazon – shower chair (who’s old!) for an upcoming infirmity
  • $37.60 – Chevron – gas
  • $80 – Christmas Tree (also a fundraiser supporting a local HIV testing and support center)
  • $9.99 – Trader Joe’s – holiday wreath to brighten my basement rental
  • $46.49 – Target – two new guest pillows to replace those that now live in my basement, a new body pillow for sleeping, and Oxy Clean laundry powder
  • $68.80 – Superfeet – two pairs of insoles after finally accepting my others (5+ years old) no longer give me the support I need
  • $23.29 – Lowe’s – a large board and supplies for a new Ikea-hack “built in” bookcase and media center for my living room (more on this to come!)
  • $167.49 – Ikea – Three Billy bookcases to make a new media center
  • $59.95 – Footsmart – A fancy pants pair of Keen winter slippers with heavy duty soles. I am going to take good care of these and will only wear them inside and never, ever for walking Cheddar Pup.

Total — $573.80

I don’t typically include gifts in this list, but since it’s the holiday season, I’ll include a Spending Roundup Special Edition for gifts in December:

  • $355 – cash bonuses to a few of the people who help me and deserve a special holiday thank you (support staff at work, Cheddar Pup caretakers, my monthly housekeeper, and yard service)
  • $78.13 – gifts for Sweetie Pie and Roommie Pie (not including a gift of future cake-and-pie baking for Sweetie Pie, which Roommie Pie and I will certainly benefit from as well)
  • $55.62 – supplies for homemade organic vanilla extract, which resulted in holiday and hostess gifts for 20 friends
  • $158.22 – gifts for my family (mom, dad, sister, nephew, close friends)
  • For wrapping, I still have a huge roll of paper and ribbon left from last year that I got at Ikea. I am not sure how much it cost, but not more than a few dollars. I like it in part because it’s plain red striped so I can use it for a variety of occasions, not just Christmas. I also used some existing cardstock and art supplies for tags, labels, and gift certificates.

Holiday Gifts Total — 646.97. Frugal? I hate even asking this question … I’m happy giving each and every one of these and I think/hope I found things that the recipients will use and appreciate. I love giving gifts and so this is always a fun time of year for me.

Who Ate My Pie? November Spending Roundup

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After taking off the month of November (not from work, sadly), I’m back!

Though I would like to do a better job of tracking my spending in other categories (like gifts, ’tis the season!), just having this check-in to remind me of the things I’ve bought each month is helpful. It would be more helpful if I did it on a weekly basis, but alas … this month got ahead of me:

  • $65.75 — Amazon — an external hard drive and case, for finally backing up my personal files that otherwise exist only on my work laptop (yikes!)
  • $1.52 — Amazon — a bottle of shampoo; not sure the cheap stuff will ‘work’ for my frizzy locks, but I figured it’s worth a try!
  • $45.94 — Amazon — medical/rehab supplies for an upcoming infirmity
  • $22 — Amazon — my favorite desk planner, new for 2016
  • $40.46 — L.L. Bean — a new shirt! (And I’m still on track to meet my $500 clothing budget for the year)
  • $217 — Best Buy — a new modem/router, old one finally caput. I went for the powerhouse since we have several active users and movie-streamers in our household.
  • $59 — Shell — two tanks of gas, including a Thanksgiving road trip

Total: $451.67 … better next month, I hope?!


Who Ate My Pie? October Spending Roundup

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This was a pretty good month, though I had a few unexpected expenses — one particularly annoying yet necessary one the result of a flat tire and the discovery that my car’s nickname of “Old Baldy” was in fact quite appropriate …

  • $16.96 — Target
  • $22.60 — Amazon — books for a baby gift
  • $13.49 — Amazon — an international voltage converter for an upcoming trip (after learning after my last trip overseas that hairdryers on the wrong voltage will, in fact, erupt in flames)
  • $28.26 — Bartell’s — blurgh, no idea.
  • $49.48 — The Gap — a cardigan, black jeans, and my first pair of jeggings (!!!), all now an essential part of my capsule wardrobe
  • $722.55 — New tires and service at Les Schwab, YAY
  • $15.98 — Bartell’s — makeup, including a new mascara to replace one left behind after my reunion
  • $38.39 — Shell — gas

Total: $907.1

Total not counting new tires: $185.16, not bad!!

Budget Basement Reno Rundown!

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Woohoo! I am proud to report that my basement renovation is finally, totally, completely, almost done. There are just a couple of minor repairs (shaving off a door that can’t clear the new, plushy, cushy, awesome carpet and repairing a leaky toilet) and then hanging some pictures on the walls when my photo prints arrive in the mail.

I am even prouder to report that it came in … over time and over budget! Not a surprise, but thankfully the overruns were not too extreme. Continue reading Budget Basement Reno Rundown!