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Being Patient

In addition to my terrific, specific, and mostly-achievable goals for 2016, I decided to add a new twist to the mix by also picking a "word of the year" as my mantra. That word? Patience. It's a virtue, they tell me, but not one I'm intimately familiar with. I like to Get. Shit. Done. And when I'm ready to GSD, it's hard to wait. But this year, I've got a lot of waiting to do, starting now -- I get to be not only patient, but a patient as well. A patient patient, I hope! (more…)

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Basement-in-Progress Update

I have been working my butt off recently on my mini basement┬árenovation. So far, so good, but like many projects there are more moving pieces than I had included in my initial budget-and-agenda list. I suspect I may end up over my budgetary goal of $4,000, but I’m feeling confident Read more…

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