A Fool-Proof Plan for Managing Debt

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You won’t believe this one simple trick to keep your debt under control!!

Special thanks to Amy Poehler, Steve Martin, & Chris Parnell.





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I came across this great post recently about “personalizing” your debt to make paying it off easier. By “personalizing,” the author meant tallying up the things that led to your debt to understand where it came from — this is a great idea! What I thought the headline meant, though, was something completely different:

Give your debt a name so you can punch it in the face.

This is an even better idea! Think of your debt as a nasty little demon that follows you around everywhere you go. Give it as many annoying characteristics as you possibly can, then draw a picture of it and hang it on your wall where you will see it every morning. Trust me on this one, it really works.

My debt is Dielzebub. He wears a polka dotted bowtie and a jingle bell anklet so I know to take him seriously. He eats all my food and poops everywhere he goes, singing the Macarena chorus on endless repeat.

Now you know why I cannot wait to get this pompous poopface out of my life.