FTPH: Holiday Gratitude

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Dear Cheddar,

Don’t you just hate winter? It’s cold and dark and the holidays are the WORST. I hate spending so much money and my family drives me crazy!

Everyone Else

Dear Everyone,

Au contraire, my friend, I love this time of year — here in the Northwest, it’s cold, rainy, wet, and glorious. From Halloween to New Year’s Day, I get such a warm and cozy feeling from the food, the cheer, and spending time with people I love. Sure, there are occasional holiday stresses, but for the most part, I’ve found a good balance of being able to make time for myself, celebrate with loved ones in ways that don’t feel forced, and frugalize my gift giving in ways that don’t detract from the generous spirit of the season. I get along with my and Sweetie Pie’s families, find a strange amount of joy in decorating my Christmas tree, and love the extra snuggle time I get with Cheddar Pup. And there is nothing like a good cup of tea with a Youtube Yule Log.

I hope you all find similar warmth in your holiday celebrations wherever they may take you! Thanks for reading and for encouraging me to keep up with this blog. It’s been a fun year.




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Happy Independence Day! I hope you are all able to celebrate your own independence, financial and otherwise, take charge of your dreams, and share in the immense gratitude I feel to have been born in this pretty awesome place I call home (USA! USA! USA!).

To continue paving my own road to financial independence, I’m excited to kick off a series of tutorials covering some financial basics, including investing, home buying, landlording, retirement planning, insurance, and what I like to call Life Disaster Preparedness, or LDP. (Notably, my approach to LDP does not include any scenarios that would require you to eat powdered food from a bucket for the next six months; I’m sorry if this is disappointing.) First up will be Investing 101.

Through these tutorials, I will share what has worked for me and the knowledge I have gained from reading countless books and blogs and trying their advice on for size. Some things work, some things don’t, and I’ve made plenty of mistakes! What’s worked for me might not be right for you, so I encourage you to gather as much information as you can to help figure out your own path. I am a big believer that the secret to financial management (and eventually financial independence) is identifying your own habits, values, preferences, and neuroses and coming up with a plan that fits that framework — it can take a while, but that process of getting to know yourself is also what can make it fun!

Stay tuned!