I’m back!

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I can’t believe it’s been a month since my last post! Time to declare failure on the ole “publish once a week” goal for 2016 … ha! Oh well. I feel A-OK about this.

I had high hopes that my recovery and attendant absence from work would entail lots of activity on the personal front. Alas, and I’m sure not surprisingly to any of you who have been through something similar, no. I’m not sure what I’ve even been doing, but it’s like being in a weird time warp where the days slowly stack on top of each other like a house of cards and then suddenly all disappear at once. I’ve been working remotely the last couple of weeks, which has been great for turning the brain back on, but it’s meant than any other entertainment has gone out the window — I haven’t even binge-watched a new favorite tv show, so I have no new favorite tv shows to show from this experience . . . and that’s fine.

One interesting/not-interesting thing that happened over the last few weeks is that I completely lost interest in, well, pretty much everything. When I paid my monthly $4 hosting fee for this blog, I actually thought seriously about just throwing my hands up and saying poops it all, why bother, this is dumb, I should just quit, I do not need to be spending $4/month on something I don’t even want to do when I have nothing to do . . . thankfully, I didn’t quit, paid the bill, and here I am back at it again.

Over the last six months I’ve been here, I have generally enjoyed having this blog as an outlet/journal/dump for my thoughts and as a way to keep me accountable to myself and my financial goals. I have realized, though, that it doesn’t need to be work and I don’t need to force it. If I need to take a month off, that’s ok, because I’m only doing this for me anyway, and the beauty of that is that I can do whatever the hoot I want with my time and energy — just like, say, the whole point of this FIRE (financially independent + retiring early) idea that I’m here for anyway . . . funny how that works!

So, yay, here I am. January financials and a couple of book reviews coming soon. I guess I haven’t been completely idle . . .


On Self-Flagellation

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I overstepped my frugal bounds recently and did something I’ve never done before: I bought an armchair. (Cue thunder and lightning.)

I know, it’s probably something most of you have done too. But do you feel as guilty as I do? I hope not. Guilt seems to be my specialty these days.

Not to mislead, I already HAVE two armchairs in my living room, one a hand-me-down from my parents’ basement, the other inherited from my grandparents. But I was greedy, and wanted a third — one for my bedroom on which to pile clean laundry for the three days it generally takes me to put it away. I had been looking for oh, about three years. There was a chair I had my eye on at West Elm and finally! it went on sale in a fabric I loved (online), so I thought “gee, a bargain, I must snap this up!”

The chair arrived. “Gee,” I thought, spying the giant box on my front porch, “my new chair! I’m so excited”

And then I took it out of the box. Continue reading On Self-Flagellation