Investing 101: Speaka da Lingo

True story: I came home the other night and sat down to eat dinner next to my roommate. Instead of asking me a normal question like, say, "How was your day?," he says, "So are you feeling bullish or bearish about the stock market?" I about spit out my metaphorical soup -- pretty sure it's the first time I've been asked that question. Lest you think he is some Wall Street finance douchebag, no. He studies forest fires ... not exactly db material. The cool thing about his question was that I actually knew what he meant, and I had an answer. Ten years ago I would have just looked confused and responded with my best bear impression. (OK, it might be possible I still did that.) I know that investment vocabulary can be confusing and intimidating to the uninitiated, so hopefully this list will help clarify some common terms you might see floating around on places like, say, this blog. At the very least, you can confidently say you speaka da lingo:


I don't, however, suggest you walk into your nearest stockbroker's office and bust into song. You will probably get arrested and the last thing I want is that kind of guilt weighing on my cheesy little shoulders. Try some of these vocabulary words on for size instead ... (more…)

By Cheddar Pie, ago