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The beauty of spending a month not leaving my house is that I am not tempted into buying things I don’t need . . . the flipside is I discover all sorts of things I never knew I needed.

  • Amazon — light bulbs for kitchen, special kind for can lights that won’t melt the fixtures (learned this one from experience, ha?) — 24.99
  • Rite Aid & Amazon Prime Now (as in RIGHT NOW — I scoffed, but so useful in an urgency) — surgery stuff — bandaids, gauze, ice packs, etc. — 78.49
  • Amazon — half a Pandemic board game, shared with Sweetie Pie — 13
  • Bartells — shampoo & makeup — 32.42
  • Shell — gas — 29.65
  • Aveda — more shampoo; after horrifying/itchifying skin rash from the last attempt, I’m giving up on the cheap stuff — 43.84
  • Wayfair — two small rugs and non-slip pads, following the heartbreaking observation that Cheddar Pup’s aging hips really can’t handle the slipperiness any exposed wood floors these days — 70.92

Total: $271.78

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