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After taking off the month of November (not from work, sadly), I’m back!

Though I would like to do a better job of tracking my spending in other categories (like gifts, ’tis the season!), just having this check-in to remind me of the things I’ve bought each month is helpful. It would be more helpful if I did it on a weekly basis, but alas … this month got ahead of me:

  • $65.75 — Amazon — an external hard drive and case, for finally backing up my personal files that otherwise exist only on my work laptop (yikes!)
  • $1.52 — Amazon — a bottle of shampoo; not sure the cheap stuff will ‘work’ for my frizzy locks, but I figured it’s worth a try!
  • $45.94 — Amazon — medical/rehab supplies for an upcoming infirmity
  • $22 — Amazon — my favorite desk planner, new for 2016
  • $40.46 — L.L. Bean — a new shirt! (And I’m still on track to meet my $500 clothing budget for the year)
  • $217 — Best Buy — a new modem/router, old one finally caput. I went for the powerhouse since we have several active users and movie-streamers in our household.
  • $59 — Shell — two tanks of gas, including a Thanksgiving road trip

Total: $451.67 … better next month, I hope?!


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Charlotte · December 1, 2015 at 8:18 am

Welcome back! You were missed!

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