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September Spending Roundup

As a reminder, this is where I track, in public, for all the world to see, what I spend money on in the way of tangible things (not food, services, bills, classes, experiences, or insanely, embarrassingly expensive care for Cheddar Pup — a very large list of exclusions, to say the least!).

In September, in addition to this list, I spent a lot (like, a lot a lot) on my basement. I’m tracking these expenses separately — in part because they come from a separate budget, in part because they’re tax deductible as a business expense, and in part because it’s just. too. much. I’ll have a separate post reporting on this once the work is done.

In the meantime:

  • $4.29 — Target — toothpaste (the fancy pantsy all-natural kind)
  • $5 — Bartell’s — restocking two bottles of conditioner with a 2/$5 coupon.
  • $9.33 — Bartell’s — mascara. I think I got a snack here too (odds are always in favor of snacks!) but I don’t have the original receipt so I’m counting it as expensive makeup.
  • $54.49 — Shell — A tank and a half of gas; I was disappointed to fill up twice this month, but I blame it on the fact that I had a loaner from the dealership for two weeks when my airbags got recalled.
  • $86.91 — Old Navy — new jeans, my first pair of jeggings (!!!), a dress, and two shirts. This felt like way too much, but I am wearing two of those items right now, and the ability to go to work in what feels like my pajamas is pretty sweet.
  • $13.99 — Amazon — insanely expensive but magical anti-freeze “creme” for my frizztastic hair. I only use a tiny amount so I think this will last about a year, but we’ll see …
  • $182.12 — Amazon — I finally gave in a got a new rug for my entryway after Cheddar Pup all but destroyed the last one. It’s exactly the same as what I have in my kitchen, so I know it’s virtually indestructible.
  • $26.42 — Amazon — on my sister’s suggestion (thank you!), tax organizer folders (one for general deductions and one for rental property) to finally keep track of the receipts I am accumulating en masse. Although I could make these myself, I’m going for easy with this one.

Total: $382.55

I should also note I sold some old clothing/accessories on eBay for net $142 (including shipping), so I’m still ahead of the game on my $500/year clothing budget. Yippee!

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