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August Spending Roundup

You guys, I did SO MUCH BETTER this month. Like a jigalillion percent better. Here goes:

  • $29.99 — Ikea — Utility cart for my newly spiffified laundry room
  • $13.34 — Amazon — Between the World and Me, because even though I don’t believe in buying books anymore (hello, library!), I believe in buying this book.
  • $9.99 — Amazon — New swim goggles after my old ones finally fell apart
  • $16.43 — Walgreens, for new sunglasses to replace a broken pair, stepped on at the lake, and 400 yards of dental floss. I think that will last me a while …
  • $42 — Gas
  • $5.99 — Goodwill — new black leggings

A whopping total of $116.74.

That’s it! $116.74!

It’s not zero, and clearly I could have avoided some all of these expenses had I put my mind to it, but about as close as I’ve ever gotten as a [semi-]functioning adult. Progress.

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bottlingmoonlight · September 2, 2015 at 6:27 pm

Ooooh! I really want to read that book. I’ve told myself I’m only going to read some of the many unread books on my shelves this fall, but this is the one book I was thinking of breaking that rule for. I’d love to know what you think of it.

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