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FTPH: Lost, Annoyed, and Bored by Investing

Dear Cheddar, You know what I hate the most? Trying to figure out how to allocate my retirement investments. I know some of the basics about retirement: I'm comfortable with a considerable amount of risk/aggressiveness at this point, I put quite a significant percentage of my income into retirement pre-tax, I also have a Roth and max that out every year. But when it comes to choosing the funds where my money should sit, I am lost. And annoyed. And bored. Is this conversation over yet? I have tried to figure it out, I've talked to a complimentary advisor my financial institution provides, I have bribed myself with rewards like wine or chocolate for doing the necessary research on funds, I am sort of familiar with the online tools. But my money is still strewn around funds haphazardly, because for some reason this is the most tedious subject in the history of the universe to me. How do you choose funds wisely? What are the most important indicators to look at? Is it worth paying someone and what do these people even charge? I know the socially conscious funds aren't necessarily as progressive as I might hope, but I do hate guns; how do I choose a good socially conscious fund? Will you send me a reward if I get my act together and allocate better? Sincerely, Maybe I Just Need More Chocolate Dear Chocolate, Congratulations! You are doing amazing things! You are saving for retirement, max out your Roth every year, think about where to put your money, and ask great questions! You know what? You are beating 143% of the people out there who are not saving for retirement, and that is a statistically accurate fact. (more…)

By Cheddar Pie, ago