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When I asked my roommate if he could avoid doing laundry last Saturday because I was going to be painting the laundry room, he looked at me like I had four heads. (This is not an unusual occurrence).

“Why?” he said, “it’s just a laundry room.” (Duh.)

I had a moment of frugal angst. It was brief. Yes, it’s just a laundry room. Yes, it works just fine. Yes, I am introvert who loves my comfortable home space, and a tidy one at that. Yes, ever since I left in New York City, doing laundry is my favorite chore and three years later I still can’t believe I have my own freaking washing machine in my very own house. (Yes, I have been known to sit on the porch to watch my laundry dry.) And yes, the dingy dirty yellow walls were streaked with grime and grody and it was the one room of my house, save my bedroom closet, that I hadn’t repainted when I moved in.

“It’s gross,” I replied, “and it’s time.” Done.

Sadly, this is not a home design blog and so I am not organized enough to have a “Before” picture for you. But here’s the “After:”

DSC_1039  DSC_1040

And the final breakdown:

  • New paint on the walls, “Tinsel Dream” from four samples of “this year’s hottest colors” on clearance sale for 99c each at Lowe’s. $4.34
  • New paint on trim and cabinet, from my closet (leftover white exterior trim paint from when I rebuilt my porch last summer). Free
  • New handles on the cabinet, replacing flimsy white plastic ones. I thought these were $2.99, it turned out they were $7.99 and that is silly, so I’m going to return them next trip to Ikea. $7.99
  • Utility cart from Ikea, replacing a plastic tub filled with cleaning supplies and a lot of dog hair. $29.99
  • Total cost including sales tax: $45.93
  • Total time: two hours (not including time spent walking through Ikea as slowly as possible to savor every possible ounce of a/c.)

Not bad, eh? (Hi, Canada!)

And when Roommie Pie got home and saw the final product, “Wow!” he said, “That looks amazing! I guess it was really dirty, huh?” Yeah.

Here’s to things that are unnecessary and anti-frugal, but make me happy anyway. ♥


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Stacey · August 11, 2015 at 7:10 pm

Not too many laundry rooms have that kind of view! And if I didn’t know how many people used your laundry room, I’d have thought you had a detergent hoarding problem. 😉

    Cheddar Pie · August 11, 2015 at 9:15 pm

    I know, right?! It’s a little insane. I promise, only one of those is mine. You can see why I was anxious to have a little more organization. 🙂

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