12 Zero-Effort Ways I Save Money

There's a common myth in the personal finance blogosphere that those of us who care about saving pennies through "frugality" don't also care about earning more, or that frugality is a waste of time. I've heard countless critiques that go something like, "Why bother saving a dollar here and there when what you really need is to find a way to earn thousands more each year." (Not coincidentally, "finding a way" to "earn thousands more" often involves paying the advice-giver for his or her advice through books or workshops, usually resulting in the advice-giver earning more, not you.) What a bunch of hooey! I agree that earning more is important, but it does not mean that you can somehow afford not to also try spending less -- it completely defeats the purpose of earning more if you don't also keep your spending in check. Both are important, and there are many ways to spend less with practically zero effort. For example, going "shopping" requires a significant amount of effort to get yourself together, sit in traffic to drive to your store of choice, wander aimlessly, stand in line to try clothes on, stand in line again to check out, and sit in traffic on your way home. On the other hand, the decision to not go shopping = zero effort. (Bonus points, it also means zero environmental impact!) Here are 12 of my favorite almost-zero effort ways I use to save money on a regular basis --  (more…)

By Cheddar Pie, ago