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July Spending Roundup

Although I’ve been tracking my spending for years through Mint, I have never been one to track every expenditure manually or to really pay attention to the specifics of what I’m spending my money on, as opposed to just how much in general categories. This has obviously not worked for me very well and it’s time for a change.

To hold myself accountable, I’m going to start tracking, here, in PUBLIC of all places, exactly what things I’m spending my money on. I’m (publicly) counting only tangible, actual THINGS, not services, food, mortgage payments, medical expenses, classes, travel, experiences etc. Just the stuff that I could (should) choose not to buy or to find somewhere cheaper, or that will someday likely end up in a landfill (which gets back to why I should not be buying it in the first place…).

I was tempted to wait until August to start this tradition, because boy oh boy, July is a doozy. It’s not usually like this, I promise think hope!

  • $29.84 — Ikea — Compost bin to replace an old one that disintegrated in my freezer, coat hangers, and a rug to put under Cheddar Pup’s bowl, because my floor is starting to warp from water spillage and home ownership is silly
  • $242.21 — West Elm — My Albatross (including tax and shipping)
  • $44.96 — Shell — Gas, because cars are silly
  • $49.87 — Amazon — An air mattress, so my guests can be slightly more comfortable when I make them sleep on the floor
  • $4.34 — Lowe’s — four paint samples (same color) on clearance, which I will use to repaint and spiffify my laundry room, “Tinsel Dream”
  • $142.47 — Amazon — A power washer, because home ownership is silly
  • $4.69 — Amazon — cable clips to hang string lights, because summer party time
  • $5.63 — Amazon — a non-slip pad to go under Cheddar Pup’s new food rug, because Jimmy Fallon
  • $119.34 — Amazon — new wireless router and modem because nothing electronic works for more than three years anymore
  • $393.62 combined — Fred Meyer and Amazon — for comprehensive earthquake emergency kits for home and car, including food. I refuse to be paranoid about these kind of things, but thankfully my friends also refuse to let me die alone and starving under a pile of rubble. Thank you, Kathryn Schulz.

This all comes to a whopping $1,083.50. With one glaring exception, there’s nothing on this list I feel particularly sheepish about, but no question that I need some serious austerity measures in August … Dielzebub is hungry!

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