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So have you guys been following the Ashley Madison story? The one about the dating website for cheaters (whose motto is “life is short, have an affair”)? Long story short, the website got hacked and the hackers were holding all of the data of its members hostage, threatening to release it publicly if the website didn’t pay an absurd amount of money.

There are so many things about this story (and the fact that this website exists) that bother me, but the biggest one was “duh, affairs are not only stupid, they’re expensive!” Why would you expect anything else?

There’s no question it can be incredibly painful, difficult, and awkward, to broach some topics with your spouse (probably most of all the urge to sleep with someone else), but if you’re thinking of sneaking around, think twice. First for the countless moral questions this scenario poses, but second for your wallet. If you have a secret that you don’t want someone to know, you are immediately vulnerable, in a potentially very, very expensive sort of way. (See also: David Letterman.)

Just be honest, friends. It’s way easier.


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