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So you know that new job I was interviewing for? I didn’t get it. And when I got the rejection email, I felt a huge waive of relief, followed by giddiness, followed by crying disappointment. Feelings are complicated, to say the least!

In the days while I was waiting, it had become more clear to me that I didn’t want the job. I realized how many great things there are about my current situation, even if it can be a little boring or frustrating sometimes (hmm, does that sound like your job?). I’m ready to reengage and rediscover the joys, challenges, and satisfaction of my work. I am also excited to work on this blog and to spend more time on some of my other creative hobbies, which I couldn’t do with a new job (or at least that one in particular), and giving that up along with the flexibility and autonomy I have now seemed like a Very Big Sacrifice. I was also worried about my ego and the excitement of such a Very Big Job getting in the way of these other things I care about, and spending time with Sweetie Pie and Cheddar Pup.

So, I feel like a winner! A rejected winner, but a winner nonetheless!

Very excited for clear skies ahead!

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