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In addition to my desire for financial independence, my frugal tendencies are driven by my deep belief in sustainability.

While “sustainability” is often seen as an overused buzzword that seems to have lost much of its meaning in recent decades, it shouldn’t be about politics, or causes, or buying “green” products that ultimately end up in the landfill next to their non-recyclable cousins.

Instead, sustainability is a moral choice that means making decisions now that will enable us as individuals, families, humans, to thrive in the future. Sustainable personal finance means you spend less than you earn, gradually building up your savings. Sustainable energy means choosing wind or solar over fossil fuels because (unless climate change really screws us in ways we haven’t imagined), the wind will keep blowing and the sun will keep shining long past the days when we’ve dug the last piece coal or pumped the last drop of oil out of the ground. Sustainable living means making decisions that let us leave the earth a little bit better than how we found it, building a global savings account for future generations.

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